ZBrushWorkshops - Mastering ZBrush 4R8 with Paul Gaboury

      ZBrushWorkshops - Mastering ZBrush 4R8 with Paul Gaboury

      ZBrushWorkshops - Mastering ZBrush 4R8 with Paul Gaboury
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      What You'll Learn In The Course

      Working with ZBrush's Brush System
      Using Dynamesh, ZRemesher, Extraction, Panelloops and more.
      How to make the most of ZModeler to create polygonal models entirely in ZBrush.
      How to easily breakdown complex designs using ArrayMesh and NanoMesh.
      Using Spotlight and Polypaint to texture your character and environment artwork.
      Make the most of ZBrush's lighting and material system.
      Output for 3D Printing as well as for Film and Games.

      Paul is Pixologic's in-house ZBrush expert. He is responsible for developing and enhancing the digital sculpting pipelines at multiple area studios, working with artists ranging from feature animators to toy designers.
      As part of the Pixologic team, Paul travels to various studios and schools, giving live demos and offering educational and artistic support.
      Since he joined Pixologic in 2008, Paul has been instrumental in every version of ZBrush and today is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable people on ZBrush, it's uses in film and game pipelines as well as 3D printing.

      This course includes live, weekly sessions where Paul Gaboury demonstrates and explains the ZBrush features set. Below you can see a week-by-week breakdown of what you'll learn.

      Digital Sculpting Overview
      A look at the Brush System, including ZModeler and how you can get amazing results using a few simple tools and techniques.

      Dynamesh And Other Parts Of The Geometry System
      Learn how to maximize ZBrush's Geometry tools like Dynamesh, ZRemesher, Extraction and more.

      Hard Surface Tools
      Deep dive into ZBrush's new hard surface polygonal modeling toolset focused around the new ZModeler brush.

      ZModeler, ArrayMesh and NanoMesh's New Feature Set
      Learn how to make short work of more elaborate and complex designs by extending the power of ZModeler with features like ArrayMesh and Nanomesh.

      Fibermesh, MicroMesh and BPR Geometry
      Discover ZBrush's own fur system and how it can be integrated into environment artist and character artist pipelines.

      Texturing System
      Explore the functionality of PolyPaint to create environment and character work using features like RGB and Spotlight.

      Materials & Rendering
      Discover ZBrush's powerful lighting, material and rendering system with this overview of the different Materials Types and Rendering Modes.

      Lighting, LightCaps, BPR Filters
      Deep dive into the lighting toolset with features like HDRI lighting, scene integration and more.

      Outputting for 3D
      Learn how to use ZBrush's built in feature set to create properly scaled and water-tight meshes for immediate 3D printing.

      Outputting Maps
      Learn how to out 2d maps from ZBrush to use in film and game pipelines. This includes normal maps, displacement maps and the new vector displacement maps.

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