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16.04.2018, 14:56

API Recipes with MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform

API Recipes with MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform by WHISHWORKS Editorial Board
English | 1 Aug. 2017 | ISBN: 9386210908 | 442 Pages | PDF | 148.41 MB

API Recipes with MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform presents a practical approach towards implementing APIs with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. All the recipes are based on real-life implementations and have been tried and tested by the experts. They have been selected to help readers take a step-by-step approach towards areas such as implementing simple APIs, deploying APIs in CloudHub, applying governing policies on APIs, security of each API through 3rd party vendors, getting streams of data from 3rd party, API Queue Management and Traffic Management, and many more.

This book is for all those technology geeks out there who would like to start scaling their technical knowledge on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform with real-life, practical guidelines and how-tos. Even if you are new to Mule, but carry sound knowledge of Java, you should be able to understand this book and master on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. It is also dedicated to Architects who can use this book to put together proven design patterns, based on the recipes.

Once you finish reading this book, you will be confident enough to use the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. You should be able to create transit systems that can carry data between applications within your enterprise or across the internet. You will be able to migrate data with perfection across the platforms or on cloud.
(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)

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