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17.03.2018, 14:54

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite 1.3.51

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite 1.3.51 Multilingual | 217 Mb
3DVista Virtual Tour Standard lets you create amazing virtual tours that can be included in any website. Convert a set of pictures into a 360° scenery and present or simulate a place in a way that is closest to actually being on the spot. No coding or technical knowledge needed.

Includes 3DVista Stitcher 4 and a fantastic Publisher for converting your panoramas into virtual tours that allow your users to virtually step into the scenery and navigate their way through your tour.

Designed for professionals & perfect for amateurs with high expectations
Create amazing interactive virtual tours that can be included in any website. Convert a set of pictures into a 360° scenery and let your audience maneuver through the place as if they were actually on the spot. Pro version supports unique features such as Live Panoramas, Adaptive HDR, Hotspots, Auto-Pilot, Video, Photo Albums, Floor Plans, Immersive Audio and much more. No coding or technical knowledge needed.

Virtual tours created with 3DVista software can be seen on any computer, tablet or phone with Android and iOS.

3DVista Software Compatible with all 360° & DSLR cameras
- NCTech iris360
- Samsung Gear 360
- Ricoh Theta S
- Nikon KeyMission
- LG 360 CAM

Compatible with:
Samsung Gear VR - Oculus Rift - HTC Vive - Daydream - Google Cardboard - VR Box

Play video on a screen that'll smoothly integrate into the 3D scene.

Info Pop-up
Use an image with pictures and/or text to create beautiful info windows or highlight details within the scene.

Want extra information? No need to stop and read. Have a narrator tell you about the object and continue looking around.

Move to
These hotspots let you walk from scene to scene, from room to room to explore the object in your very own way.

Whether they are old or in the making.
Your tours are already VR ready. Just place a VR button (in your Skin library) on top of your tour and hit "Publish".

Real Estate Virtual Tour
This is a classic real estate listing. Step in and discover the villa's beauty in every detail. Customizable features allow you to adapt your virtual tour perfectly to the design of the object.

Operating System:
Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7


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