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25.02.2018, 02:28

Splice Sounds - Varien Colossus WAV 180225

Splice Sounds - Varien Colossus WAV 180225

Splice Sounds - Varien Colossus WAV | 124 MB

Scapes is a real-time effects processor and sound generator based on feedback. It uses six independent granular delays, extensive modulation options, a gate sequencer and familiar synth style controls to dynamically manipulate the sound. With Scapes you can create high quality and unique soundscapes, rhythms and sound effects perfectly suited for use in music, film and game audio. You can easily connect it to your favorite hardware controller or iPad and immediately have fun. Now includes Antonio Blanca??�s Lemur template for the iPad!

6 independent delays in one interface
Independent controls and granular controls per delay
Sources: External, Impulse, Noise, Saw, Self-Osc. Sine, Square, Tri)
Playable via MIDI with familiar synth style controls
35 scale settings for oscillators, delay time and grain pitch
Advanced modulation routing with four modulation sequencers
Independent modulation speed and length per mod sequencer
6-voice gate sequencer
Over 190 presets
220mb sample library
Kore, Maschine MK1, iPad and Lemur Templates
Lemur Template for iPad??�s Liine App by Antonio Blanca
Time-stretching sample playback system
Sample content by: Antonio Blanca, D??�arcangelo, Glitchmachines, Josh Hinden, Richard Devine, Rishab Bhrajan, Tembu (Bay Dawgz), Timonkey
Extensive Documentation
Free Version Updates

P2P | Jan 05 2017

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